Sunday, April 22, 2012

One last day to ski

Last week the mountains got some snow and since we had not been up all season together because of the horrible conditions, Jeff and I decided to get in one last day of skiing this season. 
First of all, in the morning in Denver it was already in the 70s.  I decided to take Elle for a little jog before we left to get her back into running.  She did ok, but whenever we ran away from out house she slowed down and kept stopping to phantom pee.  Whenever we ran back in the direction of our house, she sprinted like a maniac.  I guess she isn’t as enthusiastic about running as I am. 
elle_run We then loaded up the car and within 45 minutes we were in the mountains and ready to ski.  It was pretty warm in the mountains and people even came in a convertible with the top down.  I was worried it would be too slushy, but the conditions were actually good for this late in a horrible snow season.
ski3 Jeff and I always have fun skiing together and it was a great day.  He is such a good skier and I try hard not to be awkward.  I didn’t start skiing until after college, so every year I improve.  Hopefully next ski season gets a ton of snow so I have more opportunities to get out there.Jeff_ski barb_ski  ski We ended the day with snacks and beer (that we brought in a cooler because mountain prices are ridiculous) on the patio. 

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