Monday, April 2, 2012

Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team Application

I have always wanted to try a relay, especially the Hood to Coast Relay.  But the thought of organizing a team with vans, food, relay members, etc. always discourages me.  It’s a lot of work! 

I recently heard that an electrolyte drink company, Nuun, is putting together 3 teams for this year’s race.  The teams are made up of female bloggers and the application information is found on their Nuun Blog.  I said to myself, “Self, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do a relay with a great group!”  I decided I would send them an application to try to get on one of their teams. 

I also decided that I need to start preparing for the relay, just in case I get selected.   The relay is 200 miles long and 36 legs that range from 3.52 to 8.09 miles; someone is always running during the 2 day relay race.  This means you have to sleep in a van or in a random area and be woken up to run your various legs of the relay.  Not only do you have to be a runner, but you have to flexible with your sleeping patterns.

So I have implemented a Hood to Coast training night into my running regimen. 

The Nuun team needs this sort of commitment!  I am going to be SO ready for the relay in August.  Hopefully this strange training regimen does not go to waste and that Nuun selects me to run on one of their teams (if they don’t select me, oh well, at least I have improved my ability to sleep in cars).

Nuun, choose me for your Hood to Coast Relay team 2012!  You will not be disappointed!


Jean said...

I like the video - Jeff you are an awesome husband, Barb is lucky!

JRL said...

What an awesome video, GO BARB!!!

XLMIC said...

HA! LOVE it! That and the lack of real food are the critical parts of HTC training for sure :)

Good luck with your application :)

CentsibleRunner said...

Thanks! And good luck with your application as well (I'm assuming you will top last years??)!

Ah, yeah lack of food is another part of HTC training, and lack of showering. I should also start training by not showering, or implement a baby wipe only cleaning regimen. That will make me oh so popular at work!

Unknown said...

LOVE this! You're definitely ready for HTC!

Tricia said...

Fun! Good luck!

CentsibleRunner said...

Thanks! And good luck to you as well!! It will be fun to see the teams they select, there were so many creative applications out there.

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