Monday, April 2, 2012

Not that you care….

….But here’s a recap of what I was up to all weekend.

Long Run Saturday Morning- Jeff and I got in 12 miles at a 7:48 pace running on a soft flat trail (High Line Canal Trail).  Jeff and I both wore our new compression socks.  Cute, right? 
IMG_1614I felt strong the first 8 miles, then it got warm (70s and very sunny) and I had trouble breathing.  And once I had to stop to use the inhaler at mile 10, my good run was ruined.  I walked and ran that last 2 miles.  Oh well, there are always bad runs but at least I got in the miles.  We LOVED the trail we were running on.  It went by a ton of HUGE houses and was well shaded and there were 500,000 runners out doing the same thing as us.  We will be visiting that trail again for future long runs. 

Jeff had a GREAT run and finished strong.  He said it was the best he has felt in a while (he thrives off running in heat, weird).  He is going to do great at the half in a few weeks! 

Saturday Afternoon- After our run we met with some friends at Washington Park where everyone and their mom was out in full force.  I have never seen a park crowded like that?!  We lounged in camp chairs, drinking beer, and got up now and then to play various games (washers, Kan Jam, Frisbee).  Funnnnn in the sun!

Saturday Night- Since it was the Final Four, we watched basketball at a bar nearby.  We drank some Hoegaarden and had some delicious pub grub.
IMG_1615 Kentucky beat Louisville (we also won the squares game with the 9 and 1 earning us $90).  Then Kansas pulled of a victory against Ohio State…… WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!  My Jayhawks play Kentucky in the finals tonight, so excited.  When I got home I immediately put on my KU basketball clothes and danced about celebrating. Jeff and I even had a celebratory shot of whiskey.  I can’t believe they made it to the finals!
IMG_1621 IMG_1616For some reason we can’t find our shot glasses?  Oh well, our NW brewery beer sampler glasses worked just fine.

Sunday afternoon we took the dogs to the park to enjoy the warm sunny weather again (it gets cooler tomorrow).
Then for some reason I decided that I needed to make cake pops?  I don’t know why.  But at least I made them red(ish) and blue in honor of KU.  They are similar to Starbucks Birthday Cake Pops, vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and vanilla candy wafers on the outside.  Yuuummmmmm.
IMG_1662 Sunday evening Jeff and I went for a 4 mile recovery run while our dinner (beef stew) was cooking.  This run put our weekly mileage total at just over 35 miles.  Another solid week:
weeklyupdateSunday night we ate our dinner and watched the first episode in Season 2 of Game of Thrones.  I Love Game of Thrones!  Thank goodness HBO played it on repeat all night because the first time I DVR’d it, somehow I managed to tape the HBO Spanish channel.  I don’t speak Spanish and neither does Jeff so we had to wait and watch one that was on later. 

Yep, another good weekend.  Nothing too special, but a good weekend.

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