Monday, April 9, 2012

Polishing a Turd

I’m pretty much a turd on a daily basis and spend very little time on my appearance.  I try to motivate myself to look more presentable and blow dry my hair and put on a little make-up, but I always fall back into my turd-y rut when I realize how much time it takes.

When I do I decide to dress up and look nice (and spend a little extra time getting ready), people are SHOCKED at how I look.  They say, “Wow, Barb, you look SO different!” or “Barb, you look SO nice today!” or “Barb, I hardly recognize you?!”

Or do they mean, “Wow Barb, you are usually really ugly, but today you tried and you don’t look like such a turd!”

When I make an effort with my appearance, it’s pretty much Polishing a Turd.  Even though I have my hair down and some make-up on my face, I am the same old turd.  Here’s photographic evidence of what happens when I try to look nice.

comparisonDo I really look that different??

I guess I do look a little different.  But not so much that it is worth the extra 30 minutes every day to try.  Well, I’m off to get ready in 5 minutes or less….no make up and hair in a ponytail! 


Jean said...

Yes, you are my daughter, I trained you well. I can get ready in well less than 5 min.

JRL said...

I don't agree w any of this non sense. You are no turd

CentsibleRunner said...

Hahahaha :) But you have seen me at my abosolute turdiness, you know how much of a turd I can be!

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