Thursday, April 19, 2012

No Nudity or Celebrities

A few days ago my friend Beth asked me to go to a concert for the Naked and the Famous.  Don’t worry, there was no nudity or celebrities, it is the name of a Indie pop-rock (that is my description of their music) band from New Zealand.  I knew a few songs, my favorite being “Punching in a Dream.”
That video for their song is kind of ridiculous and creepy.  And the lead female singer must like wearing clothes that look like a cape or has wings when she extends her arms because she was wearing the same thing for the show.  Whenever she raised her arms she looked like a flying squirrel and I thought she was going to take off into the audience. 
IMG_1840Some of their songs were terrible.  I mean, I covered my ears and made a face kind of terrible.  But then other songs were awesome.  I don’t know what I think about them.  I probably won’t go to another one of their shows.  But it was great to see Beth and to meet one of her friends who was also really fun. 

While I was at the concert, Jeff played pick-up hockey with my co-worker.  Jeff hadn’t played in 3 years, but it came right back to him and he scored the first goal of the night.  He is really good at hockey and hopefully starts playing again because I actually like to watch him play!


JRL said...

Thank you! R u sucking up to me? LOL

CentsibleRunner said...

Well you did mow the lawn yesterday so I do owe you! And I also am impressed by anyone that can ice skate.

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