Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thinking but not Blogging

My mind is a constant whirlwind of thoughts.  I am constantly thinking of things or observing things or reading things that then send me into more thinking. 

Now that I have this blog thing, I feel the need to pollute the internet with my thoughts via writing!  Don’t worry, I try to filter these thoughts and only share a very small percentage of what I am thinking about.  With that being said, I haven’t been doing daily posts lately….. and I think the internet is very relieved (the internet really did just sigh in relief). 

The little tornado of thoughts in my brain is still very active right now (and is very distracting to me at work). 

I recently found a bunch of SPIDERS in my basement.  I killed them all, but then I thought… “Crap, now there are going to be more insects.”  Spiders or Insects, which do I want least?  I’ll take spiders over insects.  Mostly because the little white and black dog is horrified of flies and other flying bugs.  If a fly gets in the house, game over.  That little runt is freaked the hell out and hides in strange places like behind the toilet.
scared elleIs is bad to buy a race entry off Craigslist because it was 50% cheaper than to sign up as myself through the official website?  Nope, I don’t see a problem in this.  I think it is ridiculous that most races are “Non-refundable and Non-transferrable” and if they do allow a transfer, they charge an additional fee.  In fact, I will be running Sunday in a half marathon as a 38-year-old female.  I paid her $40 for her entry instead of $90 through the race website.  No shame here, I got myself a deal.

The garden looks sick.  I don’t think Jeff and I will get good crop of vegetables.  Our cucumbers look dead and the rest of the plants are on the same road to death.  Nobody is to blame here, (but if I had to point fingers, my index finger is pointing at Jeff) because we are beginner gardeners and know nothing about gardening.  I think they were being over-watered (Jeff was in the opinion that more was better….) and now that we are limiting the watering to only the morning, the plants appear to be improving.  Time will tell (for the record, if they all die, it is Jeff’s fault).
garden failAre product-related contests bad and if you enter a contest does that make you a little product whore?  I applied for that Nuun HTC contest and failed to make the cut.  No biggie, not everyone wins….But then I saw a little GU Brew contest on twitter and made up a story that allowed me to WIN.  Score for me.  But does this make me a product whore because I made up the story and am I now a contest applying internet freak?  Hmmm, maybe a little.   Oh well, at least I got me some GU and I now have a 50% success rate on electrolyte tablet contests.  We can all sleep better tonight knowing that I am not a complete contest failure.
contest whoreIs it worth applying for these product-sponsored contests if you have little chance to win?  There is a contest for running buddies to go to Eugene for the T&F Olympic Trials through a Seattle-based women’s running apparel company.  A friend and I want to put something together because it would be so fun to go to together…..we realize that we have little chance for being selected.  Do we waste our time and energy and apply?  Hmmm…..I really want to see the Trials and get to go with my friend…. Hmmm.  We actually have a decent idea and might throw something together.  What is the worst that could happen?  We plan on working on our little project this weekend; I will work on it fueled by a box of wine.  Glorious boxed wine is the best fuel for creativity and humor, trust me……

Do you want to see what happens when people are fueled by boxed wine and are in the middle of an empty campground listening to the Fleet Foxes?!?  You are welcome internet, enjoy this Fleet Foxes music video. 
And if you don’t think it is funny…. well then go drink a box a wine.  You will then find it hilarious.  At the 2:00 mark notice the strange whack-a-mole-type behavior behind the tent.

And you thought YOU were crazy…..


Jean said...

So glad that you are a successful runner, cuz a dancer you will never be except through the boxed wine route. Have a fun weekend planning your next contest entry.

CentsibleRunner said...

With enough practice I think I have a bright future in interpretive dancing. Everyone must start somewhere!

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