Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Year Olds are Fun

I just got the pleasure of spending the weekend with my 3-year-old nephew.  He is such a delightful kid and the age of 3 is a fun and entertaining age.  I can’t get enough of the kid and here is why……

So many smiles and giggles.  He always has a smile on his face.  How can you be in a bad mood when that little guy is smiling all the time?  And if he is in a bad mood, just wait a few minutes and I’m sure that smile will return.  Or just put him to sleep or distract him with candy.  I wish that is all it took to turn my mood swings around.

IMG_2025 All sort of hilariousness spews out of his mouth.  They just say what they want when they want to. So refreshing and so simple.  For instance, we are sitting at Mother’s day brunch and this really tall and large women walks by.  The 3-year-old’s eyes get HUGE, he points and yells out “Look how BIG that lady is!”  (he does this twice and it was hilarious to me)  There are lots of other hilarious things he said and did, I just can’t think of them all right now.

He gives the best compliments.  “Oh Aunt Barb, I love you SO much!” “Aunt Barb, what a pretty dress!”  “Aunt Barb, I will miss you SO much!” “Aunt Barb, you are SO much FUN!”  “I like you Aunt Barb.”  I don’t know if my brother and sister-in-law are putting him up to these statements, but I don’t care, it makes me feel good.  His hugs also make me melt, they seem so sincere and real!  Usually I hate hugs (yes, I am strange that is a whole separate post), but I miss those tiny hugs, they are the best.

cheersIt doesn’t take much to make him laugh.  I feel like a freaking comedian after this weekend.  I can make this 3-year-old giggle on command.  Plus I can be my goofy self and not get judged for being immature, I’m just being fun and silly.

Every time he poops, he thinks he deserves a cheering section and celebratory party.  I think that this should continue the rest of this life.  In fact, I think that I deserve a cheering section and a personal butt wiper.  Any takers?

3-year-olds are the center of attention.  All eyes on the kid!  All attention on the kid!  Stop what you are doing, its NAPTIME!  Stop what you are doing, it is time to POOP!  LOVE IT, wish I was 3 again.IMG_2029

I also want to give props to his parents for what a great job they are doing raising my nephew.  My brother and sister-in-law are both teachers and it is evident in how smart, engaging, and well-behaved the kid is.  In addition, he has some awesome grandparents who are also a huge part of his life.  It will be so much fun to continue watching him grow and develop! 

(Disclaimer- I know NOTHING about mini-humans and have never really spent much time around kids.  I was the youngest in my family, including cousins on both sides, so I never grew up around them.  Plus, I have never really been interested in being around kids.  So everything I am observing about this kid is new and really funny to me.  Jeff, who has been around kids all his life, does not understand why I am so intrigued and entertained by the actions and behaviors of my nephew, ha!)

(Disclaimer X2- Being an Aunt is the BEST.  You can play and have fun with the kid and then send them home with their parents.  Also, when they are bad, just call in the parents or other disciplinarian figure.  The thought of having full responsibility of mini-humans 24/7 still gives me the hives.  Also, I still don’t enjoy babies; babies are boring and needy.)

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Maggie MagMileRunner said...

I loooove hanging out with my nieces and nephew. They are 6, 3 and 2 and just oodles of fun. And always up for hugs, which I love.

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