Thursday, May 31, 2012

I love my job

I’ve been absent from blogging because I’ve been out here for work:

work2I’m working on this sweet site cleaning up some toxic groundwater.  Beneath this beauty is some nasty nasty nasty stuff that has contaminated the groundwater; the contamination is for the most part contained and groundwater remediation has been ongoing for 10+ years.  I get to work on some cutting edge bio-remediation where we inject bugs that will actually eat the contamination.  Cool, right??  I love my job (and the fact I get to be outside all day long).

We also had some friends in town all week.  They have these two hilariously amazing little girls, ages 3 and 6, and we had so much fun!  But man, I am tired.  I don’t see how all you parents out there have any energy.

guestsI have a bunch of blog posts I want to write and hope to catch up this weekend.  Oh and a week from today Jeff and I will be in Utah for the Utah Valley Marathon!!!!!!!!!

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Jean said...

I wondered why you had been absent from the blog. I am sharing your latest post with MJ, Jan and Sandra. They envy you your job, altho retire is good. To day we went to the Lantern Festival at the MO Botanical Garden. It was wonderful, tonight we will go back to see it lit up. Check it out at We have had a great time.

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