Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The balance between TOUGH and Feminine

Call me weird or not “running trendy,” but I just don’t like running skirts or really any girly color or pattern.  I have tried to like the running skirt or running in pink with cute ribbons or sparkly headbands…. but I just end up feeling silly, awkward, or weak

How can you possibly feel tough when you are in a dainty pink skirt?

Is this a product of my soccer and basketball days?  I remember hearing “don’t wear white shoes or a ribbon in your hair, that will just make you a target.”  And because I played center midfield and was the skinny kid going up against strong girls with 20-30 pounds on me, I could not be a target.  I even thought that wearing baggy soccer clothes would make me look bigger, stronger and tougher (um, fail there, it just make me look awkward but at least I felt comfortable)… and definitely in a “tough” color.

I prefer to wear to wear black, blue, and red.  Tough colors (in my mind).  And I prefer a tough style (no ruffles or skirts).  I feel more comfortable and in my mind I look better in these tough colors and styles.  And when I look good, I feel good.  When I feel good, I perform better.  Tough = Fast in my mind.

With all of this being said, I don’t judge other women for wearing pink skirts.  If looking feminine makes them feel better and if embracing femininity makes them feel empowered, I think that is wonderful.  Everyone is different.  I also think it is great that there are so options out there for them, in fact, I feel like there are more girly options out there than “tough” options!  Power to the pink and to the skirts…….

But please don’t eliminate my tough colors and styles!  I feel like it is getting harder and harder to find colors and styles that make me feel tough.  Very few companies have found the right balance between tough and feminine. 

Recently, I discovered a women’s running apparel company that is based out of Seattle called OiselleI feel like they NAILED the balance between tough and feminine.  Oiselle has managed to appeal to my tough side while producing clothing that won’t make me look like a man.  They use modern graphic designs that feel fresh and current…..and their feminine touches are subtle.  Oiselle also puts an emphasis on running, and on running fast.  Their clothes are comfortable and practical while looking both tough and feminine.  Nice work Oiselle, nice work.  I respect what you are doing…. and THANKS.


Unknown said...

AGREE. Even as a sometimes pink skirt runner, I love to feel tough too!

B. Jarosz said...

I know exactly what you mean! These days it seems like most running gear is pink. That's great for the ladies who want to wear pink - but where did my red go??? I don't want to shop in the boy section. Boy clothes don't fit over my hips! ;)

And I've also recently discovered / fallen in love with Oiselle. Great gear!

22in20 said...

I agree that it's hard to overcome a lifetime of thinking that pink = prissy. Logically, I know that the color of a runner's shirt has nothing to do with her ability to run fast, but hot pink running shirts with heart-shaped cut-outs in back (I've actually seen that). Of course, yesterday I went running in black-and-white stripped shorts with a navy t-shirt with baby blue lettering. The absolutely did not match at all, and I justified it by saying that at least people will know that I'm a "serious runner" and not just doing it to look cute. In reality, though, most people probably either didn't notice, or assumed I was color blind.

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