Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Long Run followed by the Derby

Saturday Jeff and I got in 16 miles.  It was a warm sunny day and we chose a route that left from our house and took a running tour of our neighborhood and close-by neighborhoods, making sure to go by parks with drinking fountains to fill up our water bottles.  It was a fun route and we didn’t get bored.  I want to make my next long run through different Denver neighborhoods to explore through running.


  • Miles 1-4 paved flat Clear Creek Trail
  • Mile 5 through Regis University past graduation ceremony
  • Miles 5-6 through Sunnyside neighborhood, great brick houses, great parks/schools
  • Miles 6-9 though Highlands neighborhood, more brick houses
  • Miles 9-10 around Mile High Stadium, LOVE this stadium with all their sculptures, can’t wait to go to a game there
  • Miles 10-12 around Sloans Lake while a 5K was going on, we cheer for the leaders as they ran past us
  • Miles 12-16, getting hot and tired, ready to be done but got in the miles!  Woo Hooooo!

We downloaded some new songs for our long run, and I found this one by Alabama Shakes called Hold On, so different and good.  I really like the lead singers voice.

After our run we showered up and headed to a co-workers house for a Kentucky Derby party.  He told me to arrive hungry, and we diligently listened.  Ohmygosh he had the best food; smoked meats, delicious BBQ sauces, tons of salads and desserts.  We devoured 2 plates each and enjoyed some local beer.  Everyone bought a ticket (randomly selected a horse to cheer on) and Jeff and I were cheering for Creative Cause and Union Rags.  Neither won, but it was still fun to watch.  I didn’t take any pictures from the Derby party so I am going to recycle photos from when we went to the actual Kentucky Derby in 2007.

derby2007 Yes, in 2007 the girls all wore sundresses and hats and the boys wore thrift store suits.  Good times.  I want to go back to the Kentucky Derby next year, it is amazingly fun.  In fact, everyone should go to the Derby at least once in their lifetime.

We left the party and went to a bowling alley/bar right by our house to have a few beers and to mingle with the locals.  It was fun to talk to people from the neighborhood and they made us promise we would come back (I’m sure we will).  They even said we could bring Jay and Elle and to stop by if we were out for a walk.  It was a fun casual atmosphere with good people. 

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