Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hide and Seek

Yesterday Jeff and I got in a nice easy run and prepared our carb-filled dinner (20 miler this morning).  As we are sitting down eating, we hear a strange noise.  Then we both look at each other and say “Where is Elle?” “When was the last last time you saw her?” “Was that strange noise Elle?”

We start looking in the usual Elle hiding spots (yes, she hides a lot and had good hiding spots, usually under things).

where is elle

Elle is nowhere to be found.  PANIC sets in as we don’t remember when we saw her last.  Did she run away?  Did someone steal her (this is unlikely because nobody would want her besides us, but the thought crossed my mind)?  Is she ok??

Then I hear, “I found her!” Then “Ohmygosh, how did you GET there?” And then laughing.

In the basement laundry room there is a closet that goes back deep under stairs.  This is where we keep our camping gear.  In the very back corner we see this:

FOUNDELLERemember how I said how she is horrified of flies?  Well, we hear and see a fly in the basement and realize she is shaking in complete fear.  Poor thing!  She was hiding from the fly!  So we did what ever good dog-parents would do and killed that fly.  Then we showed Elle that we killed it to put her at ease.

FLY IMG_2062 Unfortunately just as she inspected our killing, the fly came back to life!  It started wiggling and nearly gave the poor dog a heart attacked.  We then stomp on the fly to make sure it is dead.  Order is now restored in our household.

(I can’t believe I just wrote an entire blog post about this.  I kinda feel like that weird dog lady.)


Kelly @ Running Kellometers said...

Awww, Elle seems super sweet! The poor girl! Glad to see order restored. Our dog is terrified of getting her ears cleaned. Once she sees the solution on the counter, she will run around the house away from me. We usually have to team up in order to catch her.

CentsibleRunner said...

Elle is a super sweet neurotic little dog who entertains us daily! She also hates the dreaded ear cleaning and nail clippings.... so I take her to the professionals so that she doesn't bite me :) Dogs are so funny.

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