Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I’ve Been Up To…Part I (Family Time)

I really haven’t been into posting to this blog lately.  No real reason, I just really haven’t felt like writing and I’ve been busy with this and that.  But I have been up to some fun things and thought I would give a little summary of my happenings since the last post. 


I was very lucky to get to see my family last week.  My aunt rented a house in Breckenridge for over a week and invited my parents and my brother and I (plus our families) to join her. 

So my parents came through Denver last Wednesday and stayed the night.  My parents then left Thursday morning for the mountains….

….but were quickly replaced by my brother, his wife, and my nephew who stayed the night Thursday. 

Friday morning I finished up some work then headed to the mountains with my brother’s family to join my aunt and parents (Jeff had to work and would join us Saturday). 

On the drive to Breck, I got to sit in the back seat with my nephew answering the slew of questions he bombarded me with.  He is 3 and is in his “Why?” phase.  But this kid has legit questions and actually listens and comprehends the answers that are provided to him.  In fact, his questions seem very mature and he notices things that most adults miss.  Mark my words, this kid will go far in life

We arrived in Breckenridge, ate some lunch (BLTs using tomatoes that my parents picked from their garden before they left Kansas City), and then headed out for some fun.


We took the gondola up the mountain where we had some summer ski slope fun.

Alpine SuperSlideMy nephew said he wanted to ride the Alpine SuperSlide with his coolest family member…. plus I needed some extra weight to go down the mountain faster.  Thanks JP, we are a good team!  Even Grandma and Grandpa had fun zooming down the mountain; old people can have fun too (haha)!  Also, it was weird to ride the ski lift without skis on and without snow below you…for some reason it didn’t feel as safe?

Alpine SuperSlide2JP and I tried to catch my brother to ram into him, but we didn’t (plus we would have gotten in trouble).  Instead we just screamed “Weeee weeee WEEEEEE!” like that commercial with the pig.  Great fun was had!

 Alpine SuperSlide3

We then played a fabulous game of “Stop the Train” and checked out downtown Breck.  We ended our afternoon at a playground.  Note to self, don’t let my dad push me on a swing…. he pushed JP so high, I thought the kid was going to circle the swing set.

breck fun My brother and his family left early Saturday morning.  It was so great to see them and to hang out!  Thanks for the fun times!

Part II of “What I have been up to” will continue another day, when I get around to writing it.

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