Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting Back On (the) Track

Day 1 of “officially training” for a Half (and Full) marathon started yesterday.  Jeff and I got back on track…. by actually going to the local high school track and doing speed work (oh yeah, like what I did there??).  We decided to try out a new track, a track that was a little further away than the dirt track we had previously been running at, but it was an actual rubber and in good condition track.  In addition, it has a GREAT view of downtown Denver and goes around a turf soccer field so there is lots to look at while running around in circles.

TRACK We will be visiting this track weekly to “get faster.”  

Last night we completed the following workout, felt great, and finished in the following times for a total of 5 miles at the track:

  • 1 mile warm up (7:55 pace)
  • 1 X 1200 in 5:05 (in 4:45), 400 recovery jog
  • 2 X 800 in 3:05 (3:07, 3:02), 200 recovery jogs
  • 4 X 200 fast (:35, :36, :37, :37), 200 recovery jogs
  • 1 mile cool down (8:35 pace)

Not too shabby for our first track workout in a while.  We also brought a cooler of nice cold beers to reward ourselves if we completed the workout in (close to) the allotted times (we only were slower on 1 of the 800s).  We probably broke a law by drinking them in the parking lot of a high school, but oh well, we deserved it.  At least we covered them in our fancy Brooks running singlet coozies. 

IMG_2332 Run Happy my friends. 


Christie said...

Nice workout. I think it is awesome you have someone to share your love for running with.

JRL said...

Great workout! Can't wait for the next one.

CentsibleRunner said...

Thanks! Yes, I am VERY lucky that my husband also runs... we haven't always ran together, in fact we used to hate running together, ha! But now we are the same pace and are pushing each other; like I said, I am very lucky :)

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