Monday, July 23, 2012

Into the Mountains

Friday after work, Jeff and I headed to the mountains to camp two nights before running a trail half marathon on Sunday morning…and to beat the heat.  In Denver it was going to be in the upper 90s, in the mountains it would be in the 70s.  No brainer on where to go for the weekend.


We found a spot at the Prospector Campground located just north of Frisco, CO on the Dillon Reservoir.  Right when we arrived we saw an ominous cloud coming our way and heard some thunder, so we rushed to erect our tent.  As we finished putting up the tent, the clouds were above us and it started dumping rain.  There was no sense in sitting in our tent to wait it out and instead went into Frisco for dinner and a few beers.

Moose JawIt cleared up a little, we finished our food and beer, and headed back to our campsite.  Because it was still raining a bit, the rest of the evening was spent in the tent, drinking Moscow Mules from our copper cups, and playing Gin Rummy.


So how do you make a Moscow Mule?  You are in luck, I will tell you:

moscow mule Jeff beat me in Gin Rummy 9 times out 10.  I think he was cheating.  Or gave me too many Moscow Mules to impair my Gin Rummy playing abilities.  A fly also got in our tent so Elle was terrified all night and kept trying to unzip the tent to run away.  Even after we killed it she still was shaking and sulking in the corner of the tent.

tent2 Elle kept photo bombing pictures and we captured this particularly hilarious image (you know how people say dogs and their owners sometimes look similar?  Sadly, this might be true):

IMG_2410 The next morning we woke up to sunshine.  We made some delicious ham and egg breakfast sandwiches and relaxed all day enjoying the mountain scenery around us.  The sun was pretty warm so we picked up a shade structure.  Plus the Ginger (Jeff) can’t be exposed to the sun longer than 10 minutes or he burns up.  And yes, our dogs take over our camp chairs.

breakfast sunny day We also walked around and took in the views.  I can’t get enough of mountains and feel so lucky to live so close to them!


By Saturday evening, more storms rolled in causing us to abandon our campfire dinner.  We cooked our brats on the camp stove and ate from our car as the lightning struck around us (we don’t mess with lightning).  We retired to our tent and were asleep by 8pm…. we had a trail half marathon to run in the morning!!!!

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Jean said...

Yes, this dog/owner look alike is a slam-dunk. You and Elle do look alike. Sounds like a relaxing cool weekend. Looking forward to more pictures on the trail 1/2 marathon.

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