Friday, July 20, 2012

What I have been up to…Part III (first concert at Red Rocks)

…continued from Part II, after a quick weekend in Breckenridge, Jeff and I returned to Denver Sunday for our long(ish) run and a concert at Red Rocks…

Sunday morning Jeff and I slept in and then got out the door around 10am for a HOT (in the upper 80s and SUNNY) 8 mile run at a 7:55 pace.   We stopped every mile and a half for water and drank about 16 oz of water throughout the run to stay hydrated.  The heat really didn’t effect us and will only make us stronger runners when it cools off!!!

Sunday evening Jeff and I headed to Red Rocks to watch O.A.R. perform.  I am not really a O.A.R. fan, but Jeff used to be in college so he got us the tickets.  It turned out to be a great concert, mostly because Red Rocks is an AMAZING venue, but O.A.R. put on a very entertaining show.  Their opening band Rebelution was also entertaining and I might download some of their songs (reggae rock).
red rocks Seriously, I LOVED Red Rocks… mostly for the rocks.  I honestly could have cared less about the music ;)
Every seat in the venue had a great view of the stage, the surrounding scenery, AND downtown Denver!  Everyone MUST go to a concert here in their lifetime.
red rocks 2 In addition, the people watching at this concert was phenomenal.  The $hit show around me was equally as entertaining to me as the rocks and music.  I watched a slew of drunk slutty college girls “dance” (more like a sway-stumble combined with an awkward grind-like motion) and make out with multiple males.  In addition, these girls’ fashion choices were perplexing.  When did neon come back into style?  And what about midriff baring tops?  One thing I did respect about the fashion choices was the practicality of their shoes.  No high heels for these girls, they actually had foresight and must have known that their alcohol consumption would not be conducive to heels; everyone had on flip flops or gladiator sandals.  Nicely done drunk college girls, nicely done…and thank you for entertaining me!
IMG_2388Being the old lame people we are, Jeff and I left before the encore so avoid the traffic and to get to bed before midnight.  I hear the encore was awesome and that O.A.R. went up to GA and performed in the audience right where we were sitting.  Oh well.

Well, thank is What I Have Been Up To lately.  Still running daily and started real training for our upcoming races.  In fact, Jeff and I are headed to the mountains tonight to camp near Frisco, CO and running a half marathon in Vail, CO on Sunday.  Here is the course and profile:
Vail Half That, my friends, is what death looks like.  I am shooting for a 2:30 half marathon time with this ridiculous course.  Not only will be be running at elevations that have known to make me pass out from skiing, but we will be running UP HILL for 9 MILES.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

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Jean said...

Sounds like Sunday was more fun than Saturday, but us old foggies enjoy reading about what the younger set is up to. We will be think of you Sunday when you are running uphill for 9 miles. Hope you got a refill on your inhaler. Be careful.

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