Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week in Review

I noticed that the last 3 posts have been dedicated to beer.  Delicious beer, Mmmmmm.  But don’t worry, I have been doing other things besides drinking beer.

We had visitors this week!  First we saw Jeff’s aunt and uncle from STL; they were down in Colorado Springs but had to evacuate late Tuesday when the fires got out of control and needed a place to stay.  Then my brother, sister-in-law and nephew stopped for the night on Wednesday on their way to Montana.  They are both teachers and go to Montana every summer for a month to stay with her parents.  They are so lucky!  We only had a night with them, but we had a great time playing with JP.

Visitors We still have been running and strength training, just not “officially” training for anything.  It has been nice not to feel obligated to get in a specific workout and our legs probably needed the time off.  We will start a half marathon training program next week.  Jeff and I both want to get faster, so we will do more tempo runs and speedwork.  We also will continue to lift 2-3 times a week.  I was pleased this week with a pseudo tempo run I did, I felt great and haven’t lost any speed or fitness these last 3 weeks, woooo hooooo!

tempo It has been really hot here in Colorado so running this pace made me really excited for the upcoming months and races.  I also hit up the gym and did some treadmill running to avoid the heat.  I usually hate the treadmill, but it didn’t seem so bad this week. 

Last night I met up with my friend Beth (college roommate and soccer teammate) up in Boulder.  It was so awesome to see her; she travels ALL the time, so our visits are few and far between.  This fall her and her boyfriend are going to quit their jobs and travel the world for a year.  I am so excited for them and think it is awesome they are doing it!!!!! 

Beth and I went to an outdoor short film festival that was presented by New Belgium Brewery.  More beer, although some of the samples were not delicious and were disappointingly gross.  The short films were surprisingly awesome and really entertaining!  We enjoyed our beers, the company and the nice evening weather. 

beer and filmsThis afternoon Beth and I are headed to the mountains for a hike.  Its already hot here in Denver, ugh.  Thank goodness we can escape to the mountains.

Oh and Jeff is in Athens, Georgia this weekend for a wedding.  He is with is 2 best friends and they all left their women at home to enjoy a boys weekend.  Its 100+ degrees there with 100% humidity…. I’m glad it is a boys weekend.  I’m sure they are having a sweat-tastic time!

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