Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Update

I know everyone has anxiously been awaiting for an update on the garden (sarcastic), so today is your lucky day!

We have only 1 casualty, the cucumbers.  Upsetting, I know, BUT, the other plants are all thriving!  We have a few little tomatoes in there and over the next few weeks we might have us some vegetables.  So. Exciting. 

(Yep, this blog post dedicated to my garden just shows how big of a loser I am, I REALLY need to start running again…..)

garden update


May 6

June 17

Sun Sugar (yellow cherry tomato)



Sweet 100 A (red cherry tomato)



Sweet 100 B (red cherry tomato)



Thin Skin A (bell pepper)



Thin Skin B (bell pepper)



Sonora (small pepper)








0” (dead)

You are reading this correctly; I actually took the time to measure each plant when I planted them and then measured them again to track my progress…. and put the information in a table to compare the progress.  Obviously I am the coolest person on the planet and I know everyone will be lining up at my door to befriend me.  And everyone is going to want my delicious vegetables.
Side note, I have found several dog turds amongst my garden.  Apparently a little rat dog (Elle) seems to think it is appropriate to crap in the garden.  Not ok Elle, not ok.  And these turds usually appear when she is mad at us for not taking her on a walk or scolding her for something.  Goddam Elle, the vindictive pooper. 

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Jean said...

I will be sending you a picture of our garden later today. I didn't measure at the beginning and no chart (where did that come from)? My second planting of corn is doing much better. It seems that the birds ate all but 10 seeds in our first planting so this time I over seeded and of course it looks like most are coming up, so it is time to cull out the ones that look weaker. Our cukes are awesome and we hope to bring lots of our produce when we come in July.

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