Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Week is starting out GREAT!

Typically Mondays suck, because they are Mondays.  But yesterday ended up being a pretty great Monday!

First of all, I am still in the field for work which is always a good thing.  I didn’t even mind that it was in the upper 80s because it just helps me get used to heat.  Seriously, the longer that I spend time all day in the heat, the easier it is to run in the heat (in my opinion, this is not verified).  I consider these long work days outside included in my training, heat training.
gw samplingThis is what groundwater sampling looks like.  So exciting, right?  They won’t let me bail the wells anymore because I dropped the bailer down the deepest well.  But the guy in the picture took the fall for me and said he dropped the bailer, how nice is that?!? I fail at wells and am being sent back to the office to do more technical writing. 

I received my GU package in the mail over the weekend, WOOOO HOOOOO!  Opening that box of GU goodness was better than Christmas!  I then spent half a day organizing all my edible endurance products and Ooooohhhh and Ahhhhhh’d at all my delicious running treats (as you can see, orange is my favorite flavor). 
IMG_2082I recently discovered Honey Stinger Waffles and Chews.  Those things are absolutely deliciously amazing.  But I am finding that I have no self control around them and eat them like regular snacks.  I need to get a job with Honey Stinger so I can eat these amazing little waffle treats all day long.

I found out that I get to do the field work for a project I am working on located on Whidbey Island, Washington.  It just happens to be during August when the weather is the best in Washington, WOOO HOOOO!  ALSO, Hood to Coast falls on the weekend while I am in the Pacific NW so Whoops-A-Daisy I’ll be within driving/train distance of Portland to meet up with my Hood to Coast team (Rocky Mountain Hotties) for the race weekend.  So excited for Hood Coast even though I will be spending 4 days with complete strangers. 

FINALLY, I found out yesterday that my friend and I were selected as the RUNNER-UP to the Oiselle Totally Trials contest.  First loser is AWESOME because being first loser came with $300 worth of Oiselle running clothesTHANK YOU OISELLE!  Oiselle must have seen how poorly dressed I am and felt compelled to throw some presentable clothes my way.  Or maybe Oiselle was impressed that I am an appendicitis survivor?  Here is what got us our first loser prize:
I am like a basic PowerPoint wizardess and can PowerPoint the hell out words floating in and out of a presentation set to music.  Call me if you want me to make you one, I know you are super impressed with these basic skills. 

My friend acted as my social filter and wouldn’t let me put anything too awkward, weird, or offensive.  I still snuck a few things by her :) 

Thanks Oiselle for sitting through our application and for selecting us as a winner.  We will wear our Oiselle running clothes with pride and hopefully they will also make us run faster.


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