Friday, June 29, 2012

Huckleberry Honey Hefeweizen

*This is a guest post by my older brother, Mark.  He drove through Denver this week with his family on the way to Montana to visit his in-laws for the month.  Jealous.  When he got to Montana he tried one of the local brews and asked if he could do a review.  So here it is, thanks Mark!

Name of Brew:  Huckleberry Honey Hefeweizen

Name of Brewery: Bitter Root Brewery, Hamilton, Montana

ABV: 5.37%

MT beer ***This is a seasonal Brew***

For my annual summer trip to Montana I try to purchase only Montana brewed beer for consumption during these two plus weeks (drinking helps make staying with the in-laws more palpable).

Usually deciding on a beer takes real time because of all the great choices, but today was easy, I quickly grabbed the "Huckleberry Honey Ale."  

A little history of Montana (from a complete outsider).  Apparently huckleberry is like the state berry and people out here want everything to include this fruiting body.  You can get huckleberry in just about anything: jams, taffy, coffee, lotions, soaps, ice cream and NOW BEER! 

I went to the website and this is what they said about this brew:

"Our Summer Seasonal is back!  Everything and more that you would expect from a light summer seasonal:  Incredibly refreshing, big Huckleberry aroma, and a nice balanced experience for the palate, not too sweet with plenty of malts coming through!"

As I opened the bottle, a fresh fruity aroma was easily detected.  It poured well creating a nice head.  It had a light amber color (like most Hefeweizen).  

As for the taste, the honey's sweetness was most noticeable with only a slight fruity aftertaste.  As someone who doesn't eat huckleberry, I would describe the "berry" aftertaste as just "fruity." 

This is a great summertime beer that would be great on a canoe trip (if it came in cans).  This might be a repeat purchase. Plus the label had a scantily clad female which is always an eye catcher.


*I think Mark should do all my the beer and wine reviews, he is much better than me.  I really want this beer now and think I might make the 8+ hour drive to get some, and maybe stick around to play in Yellowstone.


JRL said...

Very well done, sounds delish. I will have to find it in Denver

Jean said...

Or you could request that your brother bring you a 6 pk on the trip back and save some for dear old mom, it does sound good.

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