Sunday, February 10, 2013

Runners Roost Race Team and Run Club

In November and into December I felt “blah” about running.  I wasn’t looking forward to running, I was going through the motions, my legs never felt fresh, and I wasn’t improving.  I knew I was getting burned out and decided to take a little break from training  in December and January (I still ran a little but wasn’t training).  I also decided I needed to change things up if I wanted to continue to enjoy running and start improving again.

I knew I needed to run with different people and to make running “fun” again.  Hopefully running with different people would also help motivate me it and to get out there to meet more people in my “new” city (who also ran).

I decided to apply for a running team through a local running shop called Runners Roost.  In early January, I found out that both Jeff and I made the team; we made the Runners Roost Race Team!

Runners RoostNot only would we be representing “something” when we ran, but we would be part of a running community.  I couldn’t wait to meet our “teammates” and start running with a “team.”  I didn’t really know what to expect or what being on the Runners Roost Race Team meant (and I am still learning what it means), but I was excited to find out.

Jeff and I attended our first Run Club at our “home store” in Lakewood, Colorado a few weeks ago.  For me, it was like going to try-outs for club soccer.  Who would be there?  Would I have anything in common with anyone?  Would they all be better than me?  Would they like me? 

Jeff and I got there to find over 20 people milling around the meeting spot.  For a dark winter night, I was impressed with the turnout!  All of a sudden the group of people took off on the route and Jeff and I followed along. 

Luckily, everyone was so friendly and welcoming!  There was a great mix of men and women, different ages and backgrounds, and all sorts of running abilities.  The 5 mile run flew by as I chatted with various people.  Pace didn’t matter, we just ran and got to know each other.  After the run, everyone proceeded down the street to local bar for drink and for more conversation.

Jeff and I both decided Run Club was a success and will be a weekly occurrence.  Its a great change up to our weekly routine and is a fun way to meet all sorts of different people.  And hopefully it will push our running comfort zone and lead into some other events (speed or track workouts anyone???) and friendships.

Thanks Runners Roost for everything!  I can’t wait for what 2013 brings!


MILF Runner said...

That sounds so fun.

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