Monday, October 8, 2012

Leonard Family jumps around Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park

This past weekend we had VISITORS!  Lara’s parents and brother flew in Thursday night and Jeff’s parents flew in Friday from St Louis (Lara’s dad and Jeff’s dad are brothers). 

The weekend started off on a positive note; the Cardinals beat the Braves to earn the Wild Card spot in the playoffs.  Yet again, baseball season continues for St Louis fans… joy happy happy.

We booked a rental up in Estes Park, CO for the weekend.  Then rental house came equipped with this yard ornament:


That was the best rack I’ve seen in years.

Saturday we drove from Estes Park to Lake Granby.  The route took us through Rocky Mountain National Park.

RMNP Drive Route The drive was gorgeous and we got to see some great views from the car.

RMNP scenes from the car

We got out of the car here and there to soak in the views and to document our stop at the Continental Divide.

RMNP RegularThe highlight(s) of the day have to be our jump photos.  We could not pass up the perfect back drop to perform jump photos and managed to get every family member to join in on the fun.  I don’t think we have laughed so hard in a while.  Here are the best jump photos from each family member:

Leonards Jump RMNP

We have perfected the following jump photo poses from left to right: “The Wrangler,” “The Classic,” (right facing) “The Mario Brother,” (both left and right facing) “The Frogger,” “The Cheerleader,” “The Classic,” (left facing) and "The Frassic” (combination Classic and Frogger). 

We had so much fun with this, it’s now a Leonard family obsession (or at least I am more obsessed with jump photos)!  Seriously, these jump photos are getting out of control.   But I don’t care, it is so much fun and you come away with hilariously awesome photos.  No more posed photos for me, BORING!

We jumped on the Continental Divide (on the Atlantic Side)!ContDivide_1 ContDivide_2 IMG_3155

Then we jumped above the tree line (we love the Frogger jump)!

RMNP Above Trees 

RMNP Above Trees 2 RMNP_9 We had a great weekend with the family in the mountains.  In addition to jumping around a lot, we ate some delicious donuts (not just donuts, that was just my favorite part of eating this weekend) and did some much needed relaxing.  Hopefully the family comes back soon!

Yet another successful weekend in Colorado!

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